Sunday, August 26, 2007

07.31.07: BRITISH PUNK


"Although Britain wasn't the birthplace of punk rock, it was the place where punk had the greatest musical and cultural impact, catching hold as the ultimate music of outrage and rebellion in a way it never quite duplicated in America. British punk was partly inspired by the back-to-basics rock & roll of the pub rock movement and the anything-goes theatrics of glam rock, but the main catalysts were early New York punks like the Ramones and the New York Dolls. Arriving in a class-conscious country struggling through an economic downturn, punk seemed to threaten the very fabric of British society, giving voice to the rage of the lower class and the dissatisfaction of the nation's youth." -

Well, we've done shows on proto-punk, post-punk, hardcore punk, california punk, new york punk and probably some other punks as well, but tonight we'll be spinning records from '70s British punks such as The Damned, X-Ray Spex, 999, The Adverts and many more. Tune in.

Pictured: The Adverts

07.24.07: Tribute to BOB DYLAN

"Bob Dylan's influence on popular music is incalculable. As a songwriter, he pioneered several different schools of pop songwriting, from confessional singer/songwriter to winding, hallucinatory, stream-of-conscious narratives. As a vocalist, he broke down the notions that in order to perform, a singer had to have a conventionally good voice, thereby redefining the role of vocalist in popular music. As a musician, he sparked several genres of pop music, including electrified folk-rock and country-rock. And that just touches on the tip of his achievements. Dylan's force was evident during his height of popularity in the '60s -- the Beatles' shift toward introspective songwriting in the mid-'60s never would have happened without him -- but his influence echoed throughout several subsequent generations. Many of his songs became popular standards, and his best albums were undisputed classics of the rock & roll canon. Dylan's influence throughout folk music was equally powerful, and he marks a pivotal turning point in its 20th century evolution, signifying when the genre moved away from traditional songs and toward personal songwriting."

Stephen Thomas Erlewine (

It's impossible to cover the best of Mr Robert Zimmerman's catalog in only two hours, but we will be spinning our favorites, b-sides, classics, and the best of his live cuts. Tune in.


Maggie's Farm [Live 7/25/65]
All I Really Want To Do [Another Side of Bob Dylan]
You're Gonna Quit Me [As Good As I've Been To You]
Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll [Biograph]
Blowin' In The Wind [The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan]
Nobody 'Cept You [Live 11/2/73
Blood In My Eyes [World Gone Wrong]
John Wesley Harding [John Westley Harding]
Like A Rollin Stone [Highway 61 Revisted]
Sweetheart Like You [Infidels]
If Not For You [New Morning]
Man In The Long Black Coat [Oh Mercy]
Knockin On Heaven's Door [Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid Soundtrack]
He Was A Friend Of Mine [Recording 11/20/61
It Hurts Me Too [Self Portrait]
Isis [Desire]
Queen Jane Approximately [Highway 61 Revisted]
Corinna, Corinna [The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan]
Most Likely You'll Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine) [Blonde on Blonde]
Fourth Time Around [Blonde on Blonde]
Let It Be Me [Self Portrait]
Changing Of The Guards [Street Legal]
You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go [Blood On The Tracks]
Song To Woody [Bob Dylan]
Only A Pawn In Their Game [The Times They Are A Changin']
It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) [Bringin' It All Back Home]
Mama, You've Been On My Mind [Live 6/9/64]
Moonshiner [Recording, 8/12/63 (cover)]
Farewell, Angelina [Recording 1/13/65]
Wallflower [Recording 11/4/71
Not Dark Yet [Time Out Of Mind 1997]

07.17.07: Tribute to ROBERT WYATT

"An enduring figure who came to prominence in the early days of the English art rock scene, Robert Wyatt has produced a significant body of work, both as the original drummer for art rockers Soft Machine and as a radical political singer/songwriter.......his solo career was built less around his abilities as a percussionist and more around his frail tenor voice, capable of breaking hearts with its falsetto range.........he has recorded some stunning music, full of wonder, possibility, and pure emotion, that remains undiscovered by many." -John Dougan (

Tonight we will explore the many sides to Robert Wyatt's 40 years worth of recordings. From his early recordings with the Soft Machine to solo albums from the last 30+ years to collaborations with everyone from Jimi Hendrix to Bjork, he is a truly enigmatic force and one of the greats.

07.10.07: Tribute to BAD BRAINS

Comprised of four Rastafarians playing a mix of reggae and the fastest punk ever executed at the time, made the Bad Brains a totally unique and influencial band as they emerged in 1980. Over the years, they have released several classic albums. They've also broken up and reunited a few times but have never lost their legendary status or their loyal following. Tonight, we will pay tribute to the Bad Brains. From their earliest demos to their brand new (Beastie Boy produced) album, we'll cover it all.......

07.03.07: SPACE ROCK


Safety helmets on, seatbelts fastened and prepare for countdown because this week WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS will travel to the outer limits: To the heart of the sun with Pink Floyd, to the moon with Raymond Scott, to the black corridor with Hawkwind, to the 4th dimension with the Ventures, and more.

Pictured: Hawkwind



U.S. Hardcore Punk of the 1980s was very much a regional phenomenon. As bands and their local scenes evolved past Hardcore's 1982 zenith, different regions moved into different post-Hardcore territories. Husker Du, The Replacements and Soul Asylum were three bands representing Minneapolis. Where many other bands from the midwest and the east coast were exploring thrash and metal, these bands were incorporating a more melodic element to their already established raw and noisy roots. Truthfully, each band had their own distinct sound(s) and each was constantly evolving from one album to the next, paving the way for '90s alternative luminaries such as the Pixies and Nirvana. Tonight, we'll be spinning cuts from these three highly influencial bands.

Pictured: Husker Du

06.12.07: UK POST PUNK

Tonight we will be playing 2 hours of "UK POST PUNK"

As we've previously declared, the UK Punk Explosion of the late '70s opened the floodgates for many subgenres. 'Post-Punk' is yet another somewhat arbitrary term that covers a lot of different bands (generally from 1978-1982) with a lot of stylistic variation. The common thread with most of the Post-Punk bands is an adventurous (sometimes downright abstract) take on the guitar-bass-keyboard-drum formula. Tonight we'll be spinning 2 hours of U.K. Post-Punk including songs from This Heat, The Raincoats, Magazine, Public Image Ltd, Joy Division and many more.

Pictured: The Raincoats

06.05.07: Guest PENNY-ANTE

Tonight our special guest will be PENNY-ANTE

For those of you not familiar with Penny-Ante, it is an independent source of text and art, which once a year compiles an eclectic group of creators into one forum. Musicians, artists, and writers from all over the world contribute.

Book #1 featured art and literature from a wide range of artists such as Devendra Banhart, Xiu Xiu, Jim James (My Morning Jacket), Richard Swift, Daedelus, R.L. Crutchfield (DNA, Dark Day), Don Bolles (The Germs, 45 Grave, Vox Pop, Celebrity Skin, Nervous Gender), Jeff Jank (Stones Throw Records), Kevin Lasting (Women and Children), Residual Echos, Josephine Foster, Marissa Nadler, The American Analog Set, and many more.

This time we will be talking about Book #2. Book #2 has an even more eclectic mix of contributers like: Bill Callahan (Smog), Alice Bag (The Bags), Lene Lovich, Ariel Pink, Camera Obscura, Jana Hunter, The Clientele, Jennifer Herrema (RTX,Royal Trux), Slim Moon (founder of Kill Rock Stars), Phil McMullen (Ptolemaic Terrascope), Winston Smith (Dead Kennedy's artwork), Silver Apples, Tex Kerschen (Indian Jewelry), Moris Tepper, George Tabb, Fast Friends Inc., The Space Lady, Sam Coomes (Quasi, Blues Goblins, Pink Mountain), and many many more.

Penny-Ante will be here spinning tracks and we'll talk to them about the release party this Sat. in Los Angeles and new future ventures.

For more info. or to purchase Book #1 or the upcoming Book #2:

Josephine Foster & The Supposed- All The Leaves Are Gone
Sham 69 - If The Kids Are United
Meic Stevens - Old Joe Blind
Sebadoh - Got It
RTX - Speed To Roam
The Centimeters - I'm Not Exercising
Three Dog Night - Shambala
Deaf School - Taxi
Alexander "Skip" Spence - Cripple Creek
Beat Happening - I Love You
Silver Apples - Seagreen Serenades
JFA - Preppy
The Space Lady - Major Tom
John Maus - Maniac
C.O.B. - Spirit Of Love
Bill Callahan - Sycamore
The Bags - We Will Bury You
Buffy Sainte-Marie - Sometimes When I Get To Thinkin'
The Moon Upstairs - Sogomiac, the Moon Destroyer
Women & Children - Black Day
Arlo Guthrie - Coming Into Los Angeles
Plasmatics - Sex Junkie
Denim - Best Song In The World
Amelia Blake - Louisiana Lullaby
Flipper - Ha Ha Ha
Television Personalities - Honey For The Bears
COIL - The Wheel
St Christoper - All Of A Tremble
The Gossip - Arkansas Heat
White Noise - Firebird
Keith West - On A Saturday
The Mamas & The Papas - Dedicated To The One I Love
The Clientele - My Own Face Inside the Trees


Tonight on WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS we will be paying tribute to ELVIS COSTELLO

At his core, Elvis Costello is a classic pop icon. His excursions into country, classical, jazz, r&b and other styles have only strengthened his abilities and proven him to be one of the more innovative and influencial songwriters of the last 30 years. Tonight we will pay tribute to Elvis and his many collaborators including Nick Lowe, Burt Bacharach, T-Bone Burnett and more.

05.22.07: Tribute to GLENN DANZIG

Tonight on WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS we will be paying tribute to GLENN DANZIG

For the last 30 years Glenn Danzig has been exploring the darker side of rock 'n' roll. From the seminal horror punk of The Misfits to the more experimental goth sounds of Samhain to the heavy blues metal of Danzig, he has shown himself to be versatile yet consistent as a singer and songwriter. His songs have been covered by multitudes of young punk bands as well as legends Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison. Beware, for tonight, we shall be spinning 2 hours of Glenn Danzig (and his bands).....

05.15.07: MOD REVIVAL

Tonight on WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS we will be playing 2 hours of "MOD REVIVAL"

"The Mod Revivalists stuck to the R&B-informed rock & roll that distinguished the original '60s mods, but the sound was harder and more frenetic, and often only implied the music's R&B roots. Since the original wave of mod bands in the '60s only included a few of bands -- (the Small Faces, the Who, etc.), there were actually more mod groups in the revival than there were in the '60s. Furthermore, since most of the original mods only performed in cover bands (with the exception of the aforementioned groups) or simply danced to Motown records, the revival was the first wave of mod bands to rely on original material."

Tonight we will be spinning 2 hours of the finest Mod revival bands of the '70s and '80s including The Secret Affair, Direct Hits, Squire, The Times, Makin' Time, The Chords and many others.

Pictured: The Times

05.08.07: BRIAN ENO

Tonight on WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS we will be taking you on a tour of the wonderful BRIAN ENO

"Ambient pioneer, glam rocker, hit producer, multimedia artist, technological innovator, worldbeat proponent, and self-described non-musician -- over the course of his long, prolific, and immensely influential career, Brian Eno was all of these things and much, much more." -Jason Ankeny (

Tonight we will effectively squash Mr. Eno's extensive career (which is still very active) into 120 minutes. You will hear warm jets, jezebel spirits, music for airports, discreet music, Roxy Music plus collaborations with fellow travelers Robert Wyatt, Robert Fripp, David Byrne, David Bowie and many more.

05.01.07: PARLIAMENT

Tonight on WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS we will be playing 2 hours of PARLIAMENT

"While Funkadelic pursued band-format psychedelic rock, Parliament engaged in a funk free-for-all, blending influences from the godfathers (James Brown and Sly Stone) with freaky costumes and themes inspired by '60s acid culture and science fiction." -John Bush (

Tonight's show will be a companion to last week's FUNKADELIC tribute. We will explore the outer reaches George Clinton's PARLIAMENT from its '50s doo-wop origins to its '60s Motown-esque soul to its '70s glory days of high concept funk and disco.

04.24.07: FUNKADELIC

Tonight on WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS we will be playing 2 hours of FUNKADELIC

"Though it often took a back chair to its sister group Parliament, Funkadelic furthered the notions of black rock begun by Jimi Hendrix and Sly Stone, blending elements of '60s psychedelia and blues plus the deep groove of soul and funk. The band pursued album statements of social/political commentary while Parliament stayed in the funk singles format, but Funkadelic nevertheless paralleled the more commercial artist's success, especially in the late '70s when the interplay between bands moved the Funkadelic sound closer to a unified P-Funk style." -John Bush (

Tonight on WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS, we will get down to two hours of the deepest, booty shakin-est, politically minded-est, street savvy-est SoulRock of the mighty FUNKADELIC.


Brinsley Schwarz formed in the fall of 1969 and featured ex Kippington Lodge members Nick Lowe and Brinsley Schwarz, as well as Bob Andrews, Billy Rankin, and Ian Gomm who would later go on and form such bands as The Rumor (Graham Parker), Rockpile, and solo ventures.

Almost single handedly and unconsciously starting the North London and South East Essex "Pub Rock" movement along with Dr. Feelgood, Ducks Deluxe and Chilli Willi & the Red Hot Peppers, Brinsley Schwarz stood out from the rest of those bands. Their sound went along more with groups and artists like the Flying Burrito Brothers, Van Morrison, and the Band. With a grassroots down-home country/folk rock feel, they were closer to their american contemporaries. Perhaps the reason why wide-range success didn't seem to happen for them. They called it a day in the spirng of 1975. Members would later go on to achieve success on their own. Nick Lowe only a few years later would finally make his mark as a pop star and producer of such Brinsley Schwarz inspired artists as Elvis Costello. Bob, Billy, and Brinsley would go on to form the Rumor and back up Graham Parker as well as the Rumor's own records on Stiff. Ian Gomm became a solo artist and later teamed up with Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds to form Rockpile.

One of the most underappreciated and unrecognized bands of the 1970's with songs that just ooozed hits. Tonight on WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS we are going to pay our respects to this unbelievable band. Tune in, listen and learn.

04.10.07: Guest JENNIFER HERREMA

Tonight our special guest will be ""Jennifer James Herrema"" (RTX, Royal Trux).

In the late 80's and early 90's rock music was either ruled by glossy mainstream rock or underground "ironic" indie rock. Royal Trux smashed that into a million pieces with their brew of rock n' roll. With a fresh take on classic rock and a penchant for experimentation you could never pin them to any particular genre. Jennifer Herrema was 1/2 of the mighty Royal Trux. After the demise of Royal Trux in 2001, Jennifer formed RTX. Applying the same snarl and grit she had with her previous band but taking it one step further. Once again Jennifer has managed to take her brew of rock and smash any preconceived notions you might have had. In 2004, RTX came out with their debut album, "Transmaniacon". Now with their sophomore release "Western Xterminator" out on dragcity, RTX is ready to unleash itself to the world again! We are honored to have one of rocks most unique and forward moving individuals.

Tonight on WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS we'll be spinning records, hanging out, talking about new RTX album and their upcoming tour.

For more info on RTX:

04.03.07: Guest THE BLACK PINE

Tonight on WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS we will have The Black Pine performing, spinning, and talking about their music, upcoming shows and whatever else spontaneously surfaces. Please visit their websites for more info on this excellent band.

03.17.07: Guest Z'EV

Tonight on WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS we are honored to have Z'EV (aka: uns, Yoel, Stefan Weisser) as our guest.

Z'ev is a conceptual artist, experimental percussionist, poet, dancer and thinker who has a body of work spanning 35+ years. He has had many lives in many countries including England, the Netherlands and both coasts of the US. Z'ev is primarily a solo performer but has collaborated with other artists such as Psychic TV, Organum, Factrix, Rhythm and Noise, Glenn Branca and many others.

We'll be playing some highlights from his career including some brand new, soon to be released, material along with other Z'ev-approved goodies. 

03.20.07: DUB

"Dub" derives its name from the practice of dubbing instrumental, rhythm-oriented versions of reggae songs onto the B-sides of 45 rpm singles, which evolved into a legitimate and accepted style of its own as those re-recordings became forums for engineers to experiment with the possibilities of their mixing consoles." 

Tonight WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS will feature the DUB REGGAE productions of Lee "Scratch" Perry, King Tubby, Niney the Observer, Adrian Sherwood and many others...

03.13.07: NO SHOW

There will be no show this week due to SXSW. To see a listing of SXSW shows, please visit

03.06.07: Tribute to WIRE

"Wire emerged out of the British punk explosion but, from the outset, maintained a distance from that scene and resisted easy categorization. While punk rapidly became a caricature of itself, Wire's musical identity -- focused on experimentation and process -- was constantly metamorphosing." -Wilson Neate (

This metamorphosis continued and was displayed in the even more experimental nature of the Wire members' solo and side-project releases and in the band's mid '80s and early 2000s reunions.

Tonight we'll be traversing across the 30 year output of WIRE.

02.27.07: Tribute to FELA KUTI

"It's almost impossible to overstate the impact and importance of Fela Anikulapo (Ransome) Kuti (or just Fela as he's more commonly known) to the global musical village: producer, arranger, musician, political radical, outlaw. He was all that, as well as showman par excellence, inventor of Afro-beat, an unredeemable sexist, and a moody megalomaniac. His death on August 3, 1997 of complications from AIDS deeply affected musicians and fans internationally, as a musical and sociopolitical voice on a par with Bob Marley was silenced. A press release from the United Democratic Front of Nigeria on the occasion of Fela's death noted: "Those who knew you well were insistent that you could never compromise with the evil you had fought all your life. Even though made weak by time and fate, you remained strong in will and never abandoned your goal of a free, democratic, socialist Africa." This is as succinct a summation of Fela's political agenda as one is likely to find."

-John Dougan (

Tonight on WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS, we will be spinning 2 hours of Fela Kuti. He was a musical force of nature on par with James Brown, Duke Ellington and the aforementioned Bob Marley. Totally infectious and a timeless original.

02.20.07: Guest JIM SMITH (The Smell)

Tuesday February 20, 2007:

Tonight on WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS our guest DJ will be Jim Smith. Jim is the founder of the ol Factory Records label and The Smell; the legendary downtown Los Angeles all ages venue/art gallery. ( 

His show will feature '80s bands such as The Smiths, The Housemartins, Billy Bragg, the Style Council, the Redskins, and more.

Pictured: Jim Smith with BARR and Hawnay Troof. Photo by David Horvitz.

02.13.07: Guest DJ FEDERICK PHASES

Tonight on WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS, our guest DJ will be Frederick Phases who co-hosts the "She Comes in Colours" show on KXLU 88.9 fm Saturdays from 10:30 to Midnight. The show recently won the LA Weekly's "Best Radio Show in Los Angeles" award......

“Melody and experimentation combined to create the thrilling songs of the First Great Psychedelic Era in rock music. The implicit message between the harmonies and sitars and fuzzboxes was that human evolution was in the process of making A Great Leap Forward. While history may move slower than some of us like, the head music of the 1960s was a trip to a beautiful and hopeful space. Dr. Frederick Phases and The Minister Alvin X take us there every Saturday night on their radio show She Comes In Colours. For those who proudly fly their freak flag, She Comes In Colours is an oasis of visionary sound.” ------ Michael Simmons LA Weekly, Arthur Magazine, High Times

For more info. on Frederick Phases and his radio show go to: She Comes in Colours


".....The bands in the Paisley Underground revived the clean, chiming textures of folk rock, but they had a more psychedelic bent to their sound....the Paisley Underground was determined to keep the sound of the '60s alive, through their music and their appearance."

- All Music Guide

Tonight on WE'RE GONNE BE TIMELESS, we will be spinning 2 hours of Paisley Underground bands such as The 3 O'Clock, The Dream Syndicate, The Rain Parade, The Bangles and Opal.

01.30.07: Tribute to 2 TONE RECORDS

I just wanted 2 Tone to be like a little club. And if you liked the music, you became a part of it.

- Jerry Dammers (2 Tone Records mastermind and Specials keyboardist)

The 2 Tone Records label was started in 1979. Just as the last embers of first wave UK Punk had gone out, 2 Tone emerged with a fully formed look and sound. The sound was a retooled update on Jamaican Ska fueled with the energy of punk. The look was that of bands with mixed racial lineups promoting unity in the face of various forms of social unrest in late '70s England. Unlike many D.I.Y. indie labels of the punk era, 2 Tone Records generated both critical AND public praise which resulted in resulted in many top 10 hits in the UK. The first seven singles from the label sold at least a quarter-million copies each within the first year! The artists that are associated with the 2 Tone label (the Specials, The Beat, The Selecter, The Bodysnatchers, Madness) have all continued to create great music to the present day in various incarnations.

Tonight on WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS we pay tribute to a great label and we'll also spin some tunes from subsequent post 2 Tone projects.


Tonight on WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS, we will be spinning music from 50 years worth of Film Soundtracks - from Ennio Morricone to Sonny Rollins to Ray Davies to Popol Vuh and everything in between.


Tonight we will feature "THE WOMEN OF THE UNDERGROUND" Pt 1.

Our focus tonight will be dedicated to the women in POP. Now this doesn't mean Britney Spears or Mandy Moore. This is dedicated to the underground heroines who have paved the way for pop music of all kinds. From the 60's girl groups to the women in powerpop, new wave, punk, indie-rock, etc. Tonight we will focus on female contributions to the poppier side of underground music. From girl groups like the Whyte Boots and the What Four, to pop bands and artists like Lio, The Delmonas, The Pandoras, Makin' Time, Fastbacks, Jane Aire & the Belveders, Kirsty McColl, Dolly Mixture, Honey Bane, and more.

01.09.07: Tribute to DEATH IN JUNE

"Death in June emerged in 1980 from the remnants of the punk unit Crisis, reuniting singer/multi-instrumentalist Douglas Pearce and bassist Tony Wakeford; drummer Patrick Leagas completed the original lineup. From the outset, the group was criticized for its adoption of fascist imagery, and charges of Nazism dogged Pearce throughout his career. By the mid-80's Pearce continued Death in June primarily as a solo concern, aided by a revolving group of collaborators including Current 93's David Tibet, Boyd Rice (Non), and Coil's John Balance; the abrasive electronics and martial rhythms of early efforts gave way to an increasingly expansive sonic approach over the course of subsequent outings, even evoking Pearce's longstanding interest in traditional European folk music." - Jason Ankeny (

Tonight we pay homage to the almighty Douglas P., Death in June, and Crisis.

For more info on Death in June:

12.19.06: Tribute to SARAH RECORDS

Sarah Records was founded in 1987 by Clare Wadd and Matt Haynes in a small basement flat in Bristol in the same way many upstart indie labels have since Sarah's inception. Sarah Records follows along the same indie pop tradition as labels like (early) Creation records started out. Except Sarah stayed true to it's sound. The label mainly focused on Twee and C86 bands of that time but branced off into Folk-pop, Psych-pop, Jangle-pop, Rainy Day Balladry, and Bubblegum chirp. The label ended in 1995. Matt Haynes (1/2 of Sarah) then started Shinkansen Records which somewhat picked up where Sarah left off. Though Sarah's impact far surpassed it's post label offerings. Influencing tons of labels like K Records, Marina Records, Bus Stop, Summershine, Kindercore, Little Teddy Recordings, Motorway, Vinyl Japan, etc...

Tonight we will play an array of Sarah bands like Sea Urchins, The Field Mice, Golden Dawn, Blueboy, Boyracer, East River Pipe, St. Christopher, The Orchids, etc.

If your not familiar with this great label, then listen and learn.

Pictured: Golden Dawn

12.05.06: WILD CARD SHOW

Anything goes tonight on WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS

11.28.06: PROTO-PUNK

Punk Rock was not given its name until around 1976, yet most of the defining characteristics can be traced in the preceding 10 (or so) years. Proto-Punk is not a cohesive movement or style. It's really just a label that seems to fit many different bands (in many different ways): The Stooges, The Modern Lovers, Roxy Music, Neu!, The Fugs, The Velvet Underground, etc.....All somewhat out of step with their surroundings and all true originals.

Pictured: The Fugs


Tuesday November 21, 2006: 

Tonight on WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS, our guest DJs will be Dave Somers and Mario Rivas...... Here's the briefing:

"Soundtracks to Insurgencies"

As we've become cynics by the ruthless cunning and ironic commodification of revolutionary iconic imagery until the original gesture is rendered completely meaningless, we often need a return to the 'insurgent music' that unapologetically commands attention in its bold social message.

Tonight we will go directly to the source of insurgent artists of recent history that have invented, adapted or rediscovered a musical lexicon as a powerful cultural response to dangerous regimes or the excesses of capitalist imperialism. This music developed out of times of social upheaval and often directly by the people that experienced the brunt of it, this show will go to the founder of Inglan's political Dub, exiled artists of South America during respective military dictatorships and US funded dirty wars, to the most searingly political side of punk at the height of the the Reagan/Thatcher regime and America's neglected inner cities in its struggle for survival against the police state. You will hear from artists such as: Linton Kwesi Johnson, Ruben Blades, Fela Kuti, Crass, the Pop Group, KRS-ONE and many more. This show will be brought to you in collaboration with guest DJs / SubComandantes Dave Somers and Mario Rivas. Tune In.

The revolution may still NOT be Televised, but it may now be on youtube (with the generous help and supervision of Google, Inc.)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

11.14.06: Tribute to GRAM PARSONS

"Gram Parsons is the father of country-rock. With the International Submarine Band, the Byrds, and the Flying Burrito Brothers, Parsons pioneered the concept of a rock band playing country music, and as a solo artist he moved even further into country music, blending the two genres to the point that they became indistinguishable from each other. While he was alive, Parsons was a cult figure that never sold many records, but influenced countless fellow musicians, from the Rollings Stones to the Byrds. In the years since his death, his stature has only grown, as numerous rock and country artists build on his small, but enormously influential, body of work."

-Stephen Thomas Erlewine (

Tonight we'll be celebrating the music of Gram Parsons and his contemporaries and followers.

11.07.06: STEREOLAB

Stereolab began releasing their unique brand of French-Pop by way of Kraut-Rock in 1991. Led by songwriting husband/wife team Tim Gane and Laetitia Sadier and supported faithfully by drummer Andy Ramsay and the late vocalist/guitarist Mary Hansen, Stereolab was and continue to be one of the most influencial groups of the '90s and '00s. Their sound has been uniquely shaped, not only from their own creative forces, but from a long list of contemporary collaborators such as Sean O'Hagen (High Llamas), John McEntire (Tortoise), Mouse on Mars, Nurse With Wound, Jim O'Rourke, Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3), etc.

This week's installment of WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS will feature 2 hours of STEREOLAB. Plus, a number of solo and side projects including Monade, Europa 51, UiLab, the Horizontalist and more.


Representing over 25 countries of indigenous music, this is a world music survey. The rare recordings we will be playing were made as an anthropological record of cultural folkloric music that, by and large, are ceremonial or ritual in nature. These ethnographic representations of the diversity of manipulated sound demonstrate the vast dimension of tribal and even modernized culture. An interesting element to much of these recordings is that the music functions as an integral part of the culture rather than a peripheral accoutrement.

This weeks show will be brought to you by guest DJ and chief navagator Dan Andrews.

10.17.06: Guest Emma Ka Cichocki (THE BLACK PINE)

Tonight on WE'RE GONNE BE TIMELESS, we welcome the return of the lovely Ms Emma Ka Cichocki for 2 hours of classic COUNTRY!

We will traverse across several decades of STOMPERS and WEEPERS featuring artists such as Jimmie Rodgers, the Carter Family, Bob Wills, Kitty Wells, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Townes Van Zant, Gram Parsons, Jon Wayne and many more....

10.10.06: NEW WAVE

"New Wave" was a term coined by somebody in the Rock Biz who was afraid to call it "Punk." However, to most, "New Wave" represents a specific time in the late '70s/early '80s when pop music expanded its reach via music videos/MTV. This week on WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS, Josh will be flying solo and spinning 2 hours of NEW WAVE (not 'Post-Punk'; that will be another show altogether.) The show will span a fairly short time period (1978-1981) and include the likes of: The Pretenders, Gary Numan, XTC, Visage, Psychedelic Furs, Fad Gadget, and many more.

10.03.06: KRAFTWERK

"During the mid-'70s, Germany's Kraftwerk established the sonic blueprint followed by an extraordinary number of artists in the decades to come. From the British new romantic movement to hip-hop to techno, the group's self-described "robot pop" -- hypnotically minimal, obliquely rhythmic music performed solely via electronic means -- resonates in virtually every new development to impact the contemporary pop scene of the late- 20th century, and as pioneers of the electronic music form, their enduring influence cannot be overstated".

Jason Ankeny - All Music Guide (

Tonight on WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS, we will be spinning 2 hours of Kraftwerk. From their late '60s incarnation as Organisation to their most recent 21st century offerings, we'll cover it all.....

Friday, August 24, 2007

09.13.06: TROPICALIA

Tonight's edition of WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS will be the TROPICALIA and beyond.

The post-bossa nova Brazilian pop music of the late '60s and early '70s, in many ways, followed the trends of the UK and US. Protest songs, psychedelic experimentation, a hippy return to strumming and shouting, heavy rock-glam and so on....

Alas, the military dictatorship which ruled Brazil from the mid-60s until the mid-80s made it much harder for these (r)evolutions to take place. Nonetheless, Brazilian artists such as Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Gal Costa, Tom Ze and Os Mutantes fiercely made their amazing contributions and remain hugely popular and successful worldwide.


One of the sweetest falsetto voices in music... Curtis Mayfield got his start in the late 50's forming The Impressions along with Jerry Butler. Bulter split to go solo shortly after, leaving Curtis to lead the band. With 14 top hits and a stack of unbelievable records under his belt, Curtis Mayfield decided to go solo in the 70's while still writing for the Impressions.

Curtis Mayfield left behind some of the most powerfully conscious music of our time. In a time of great adversity, were some would rather write only love songs or turn a blind eye, Curtis sang about what he saw happening in the streets. I guess this would be the ultimate love song. Songs about human rights, social change, self-love, unity, and self -awarness. A humanitarian through the power of music and a beautiful songwriter whose influenced, with his unique guitar playing, the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton to name a few.

After a freak accident with a lighting rafter falling on him in 1990 at a concert in Brooklyn, leaving him paralyzed from the neck down, his health slowly deteriorated. On December 26, 1999, the world lost one of the most beautiful human beings and souls, but left behind a huge cataloge of awareness that still applies to today.

So people get ready because for 2 hours we are going to take you on a journey through the music of CURTIS MAYFIELD.

08.23.06: Tribute to BIG STAR

Big Star was the greatest band that never was.

Led by equally masterful singer-songwriters, Alex Chilton and Chris Bell, Memphis-based Big Star combined melodic elements of the Beatles and harmonic elements of the Byrds with the drive and power of the early Who and made a sound all their own.

Their three albums recorded between 1972-1975 were received well critically but poorly marketed and, as a result, all but overlooked by the music buying public.

Over the last 30 years, Big Star has achieved major cult status (how's that for an oxymoron?) and has influenced everyone from Cheap Trick to R.E.M. to Teenage Fanclub to nearly every skinny-tied power popper of the late '70s-early '80s.

Tonight on WE'RE GONNE BE TIMELESS, we will dedicate our show to the music of Big Star and their pre and post-Big Star projects such as The Box Tops, Rock City and the solo work of Chilton and Bell.

08.16.06: Guest Emma Ka Cichocki (THE BLACK PINE)

Tonight on WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS, our guest DJ will be the lovely Emma Ka Cichocki of THE BLACK PINE.

Emma will be spinning early jazz from the 1920s-1940s. Louie Armstrong, Raymond Scott, Artie Shaw and Woody Herman will all make appearances (along with other lesser known talents). It will be a swangin' good time for all.

08.09.06: Tribute to ARTHUR LEE & LOVE (RIP)

We the Congregation of the Almighty Church of Rock and Roll have lost another guiding light. 

On August 9th, Arthur Lee passed away after an intense battle with acute myeloid leukemia. His contributions to the evolution of Rock via his TIMELESS band Love are immeasurable. Love blended elements of folk, blues, garage rock, flamenco and jazz to create sounds which would inspire his contemporaries (such as Jimi Hendrix and our other recently departed hero Syd Barrett) as well as future generations of artists.

Tonight on WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS, we will be spinning Love and other concurrent bands (Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, etc.) and some of the bands Love has inspired (The Clientele, Belle and Sebastian, and so many more.)


From Carole King, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, Randy Newman, Kris Kristofferson, Stevie Nicks, Graham Nash, Leonard Cohen, Van Morrison, John Lennon, Al Stewart to Elvis Costello, Robin Hitchcock, Prince, Paul Westerberg, Elliott Smith, Matthew Sweet, Martin Newell, R. Stevie Moore, Bernard Butler and so on.

A perfectly crafted pop or folk song that cares not of specific eras or trends? It's just what it is: A singer and their song. In this pathetic day and age of music, that's a rarity.

Tonight on WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS, we will be playing artists who one could file in this catagory.

07.24.06: HARDCORE

Way back in the '80s, there were two kinds of punks: the kid in the mall buying a Dead Milkmen shirt and the kid in the mall parking lot with Corrosion of Conformity scratched onto ripped jeans doing daredevil skateboard moves.

Tonight on WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS, we will raid the skater kid's tape collection for two hours of HARDCORE. Born in an era of Reagan-led new conservatism, Hardcore was Thee Response: Loud, Fast and Direct.

We will unearth the likes of: Die Kreuzen, M.D.C., Septic Death, Void, D.R.I., Negative Approach and many, many more.

07.17.06: Tribute SYD BARRETT (RIP)

On July 7, 2006 Roger Keith ('Syd') Barrett died at the age of 60. Equally inspired by contemporaries John Lennon and Bob Dylan, Barrett was also influenced by the literature of Lewis Carroll and James Joyce.

The first Pink Floyd album The Piper at the Gates of Dawn is cited by many a rock fan/critic/snob as being the ultimate statement in British Psychedelic Rock. Syd Barrett's brief yet highly influential career was cut short by the onset of schizophrenia fueled by the pressures of sustaining a rapidly up and coming band and a much documented steady diet of LSD. After two solo albums, Barrett retired from songwriting and eventually moved back to his mother's house where he had spent the last 30 years or so trying to lead a normal, quiet life.

This week on WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS, we will pay our respects to Mr. Barrett and those whom he has influenced including: Robyn Hitchcock, Julian Cope, the Television Personalities, the Legendary Pink Dots and Kevin Ayers.

07.10.06: Tribute to PETER PERRETT & THE ONLY ONES

"In a world of improbable haircuts and other temporary signals, The Only Ones looked timeless and sounded eternal. You couldn't place them any more than you could ignore them."

- Robert Sandall (from the liner notes to The Only Ones' Immortal Story)

Peter Perrett, doomed romantic cult hero supreme, led The Only Ones through 3 charged albums of unfufilled infatuation and chronic compulsion. Definitely of the mid-70's British Punk era, but also outsiders from a collective of outsiders.

Tonight on WE"RE GONNA BE TIMELESS, we will feature highlights from their three albums plus Peel Sessions, alternate mixes, b-sides and tracks from Perrett's pre and post Only Ones output: England's Glory and The One.

For those of you who want to know more about Peter Perrett, The Only Ones, and England's Glory, go here.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

06.26.06: Guest PENNY-ANTE

Tonight, our special guest will be PENNY-ANTE. We will be talking about their first edition, which features art and literature from a wide range of artists such as Devendra Banhart, Ariel Pink, Residual Echos, Josephine Foster, Marissa Nadler, The American Analog Set, Jim James of My Morning Jacket, Richard Swift, Eleni Mandell, XBXRX, Tarantula AD, Hawnay Troof, and so so so much more. For more info or to purchase the book for $10, please visit

Tune in to hear "The Book" spin some tracks.

Bob Dylan - Maggie's Farm (Live)
Bratmobile - Fuck Yr Fans
Blues Goblins - Born To Die
The Slickers - Johnny Too Bad
Circulatory System - Should A Cloud Replace A Compass
Judee Sill - Crayon Angels
Daniel Johnston - Walking The Cow
Music Machine - Somethin Hurtin On Me
Comus - Diana
Ennio Morricone - Astratto 3
Os Mutantes - Ave, Lucifer
Coolio - I Remember
Stiv Bators - LA, LA
Quasi - Mama, Papa, Baby
CAN - Mushroom
NTX + Electric - Walk Through Fire
Holy Shit - New Colors
TLC - What About Your Friends?
Sebadoh - Highly Divided
Odetta - Spiritual Trilogy Medley
Kendra Smith - Flying On The Ground Is Wrong (Young cover)
Greg Ashley - Mona Rider
Lightnin' Hopkins - You're Too Fast
The Moon Upstairs - Sing A Song For Me
The Only Ones - Devon Song
Silver Apples - I Have Known Love
Ariel Pink - Life in LA
Peter Tosh - Burial

06.19.06: NY ROCK N ROLL

New York has had some of the most influential and brilliant artists and musicians to exist. Tonight we will honour some of these awe inspiring troubadours. From Joan Baez, Laura Nyro, The Velvet Underground, The Patti Smith Group, Richard Hell & the Voidoids, The Dolls, Ramones, Television, Harry Toledo to Agnostic Front, Das Damen, Teenage Jesus n' the Jerks, DNA, Dark Day, Rat at Rat R, The Swans, Sonic Youth, Alice Donut, and more.

06.12.06: Tribute to STIFF RECORDS

From 1976-1986, England's STIFF RECORDS introduced the world to future legends such as Madness, Devo, Motorhead, Elvis Costello, Richard Hell, Lene Lovich, The Damned, Ian Dury and many others via what many consider to be the first 'indie' record label. Tonight on WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS, we'll be armed with stacks of original Stiff singles and albums. Be prepared for a variety of styles: ska, punk, new wave, powerpop ~ in all of their raw, uncooked glory.

06.05.06: "BEATLESQUE"

In case you were vacationing on the moon during the 20th century, you probably already know that The Beatles made an indelible imprint on popular music and pop culture. They also have had dedicated followers who were influenced immeasurably by their ways and have graduated beyond "imitators." (Ok, some are just imitators, but who cares?)

SO, tonight on WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS, we will be featuring different artists who have that certain "BEATLESQUE" quality. That nasally voice, that perfectly melodic bass line, the clunky drum fill, that weeping guitar. BADFINGER, BIG STAR, EMITT RHODES, THE AEROVONS... Find out tonight.


In accordance with Memorial Day, WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS will feature 2 hours of iconic artists who have "departed our world" and achieved immortality in our record collections: Hendrix, Joey Johnny and DeeDee, Curtis Mayfield, Patrick Miller aka Minimal Man, Stiv Bators, Johnny Thunders, Eddie Hazel, George Harrison, Klaus Nomi, Keith Moon, Razzle (Hanoi Rocks), Pig Champion(Poison Idea), Robert Quine (The Voidoids), Karen Carpenter, Rozz Williams, Nico, Nick Drake, and so many more. 


Tonight's show will dedicated to SOUL MUSIC with our special guest DJ, BRIAN WATERS (The Flash Express, Andre Williams, Dee Dee Ramone, The Countdowns, more). We will travel through the decades and spin a variety of artists such as The Impressions, Lou Rawls, Tyrone Davis, Funkadelic, Sly and the Family Stone, The Chilites, or whatever FEELS ALL RIGHT!