Sunday, August 26, 2007


Brinsley Schwarz formed in the fall of 1969 and featured ex Kippington Lodge members Nick Lowe and Brinsley Schwarz, as well as Bob Andrews, Billy Rankin, and Ian Gomm who would later go on and form such bands as The Rumor (Graham Parker), Rockpile, and solo ventures.

Almost single handedly and unconsciously starting the North London and South East Essex "Pub Rock" movement along with Dr. Feelgood, Ducks Deluxe and Chilli Willi & the Red Hot Peppers, Brinsley Schwarz stood out from the rest of those bands. Their sound went along more with groups and artists like the Flying Burrito Brothers, Van Morrison, and the Band. With a grassroots down-home country/folk rock feel, they were closer to their american contemporaries. Perhaps the reason why wide-range success didn't seem to happen for them. They called it a day in the spirng of 1975. Members would later go on to achieve success on their own. Nick Lowe only a few years later would finally make his mark as a pop star and producer of such Brinsley Schwarz inspired artists as Elvis Costello. Bob, Billy, and Brinsley would go on to form the Rumor and back up Graham Parker as well as the Rumor's own records on Stiff. Ian Gomm became a solo artist and later teamed up with Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds to form Rockpile.

One of the most underappreciated and unrecognized bands of the 1970's with songs that just ooozed hits. Tonight on WE'RE GONNA BE TIMELESS we are going to pay our respects to this unbelievable band. Tune in, listen and learn.

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