Friday, August 24, 2007

07.10.06: Tribute to PETER PERRETT & THE ONLY ONES

"In a world of improbable haircuts and other temporary signals, The Only Ones looked timeless and sounded eternal. You couldn't place them any more than you could ignore them."

- Robert Sandall (from the liner notes to The Only Ones' Immortal Story)

Peter Perrett, doomed romantic cult hero supreme, led The Only Ones through 3 charged albums of unfufilled infatuation and chronic compulsion. Definitely of the mid-70's British Punk era, but also outsiders from a collective of outsiders.

Tonight on WE"RE GONNA BE TIMELESS, we will feature highlights from their three albums plus Peel Sessions, alternate mixes, b-sides and tracks from Perrett's pre and post Only Ones output: England's Glory and The One.

For those of you who want to know more about Peter Perrett, The Only Ones, and England's Glory, go here.

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