Thursday, August 23, 2007

05.15.06: METAL w/ guest DJ Farron (LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH)

While we're off playing the Mission Creek Music Festival in S.F., our guest DJ for tonight will be Farron from LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH. For tonight, he will be your tour guide through the world of METAL.

From the New Wave of British Heavy Metal to the bowles of Black Metal, never has a genre had such a loyal legion of underground dwellers. With punk rock being marketed and packaged like twinkies and ding-dongs, underground Metal (and we're not talking silly Pop-Metal) has kept itself underground and grass roots. With non-stop touring and underground networking and mail-order, this genre has carved its own path free of musical confinement. Creating images lyrically and musically that defy the norm and create stories and folklore that can be at times both frightening, as much as it can be just plain ridiculous. Either way, buy a neckbrace for Tuesday because tonight (Monday) you will be BANGING YOUR HEADS to the most slaying and crushing sounds!


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