Sunday, August 26, 2007

12.19.06: Tribute to SARAH RECORDS

Sarah Records was founded in 1987 by Clare Wadd and Matt Haynes in a small basement flat in Bristol in the same way many upstart indie labels have since Sarah's inception. Sarah Records follows along the same indie pop tradition as labels like (early) Creation records started out. Except Sarah stayed true to it's sound. The label mainly focused on Twee and C86 bands of that time but branced off into Folk-pop, Psych-pop, Jangle-pop, Rainy Day Balladry, and Bubblegum chirp. The label ended in 1995. Matt Haynes (1/2 of Sarah) then started Shinkansen Records which somewhat picked up where Sarah left off. Though Sarah's impact far surpassed it's post label offerings. Influencing tons of labels like K Records, Marina Records, Bus Stop, Summershine, Kindercore, Little Teddy Recordings, Motorway, Vinyl Japan, etc...

Tonight we will play an array of Sarah bands like Sea Urchins, The Field Mice, Golden Dawn, Blueboy, Boyracer, East River Pipe, St. Christopher, The Orchids, etc.

If your not familiar with this great label, then listen and learn.

Pictured: Golden Dawn

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