Thursday, May 29, 2008


"Since the 80’s, Manchester UK native, A GUY CALLED
GERALD, born Gerald Simpson, has proven to be among
the most innovative modern music figures. His
influence is international, and through his
versatility he has spawned genres and generations of
music culture. From his early experimentation with
techno and acid house to his groundbreaking
contributions to drum & bass music, GCG’s art and
craft has perpetually evolved regardless of his
individual successes in each of those genres." (from
Gerald's website:

Tonight, we bring you 2 hours of A Guy Called Gerald's
innovative music. From his early acid techno work with
808 State to his overground dancefloor anthems to his
underground self-released singles which combined
elements of hardcore breakbeat, reggae, and what would
become known as jungle/drum 'n' bass to his more
recent excursions into experimental soul, Gerald has
always maintained his unique musical identity without
the benefit (or detriment) of being a celebrity
(outside of the electonic music community).

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