Thursday, May 29, 2008


"Amid the austerity of post-punk England, and before
we became awash with irony and archness, we needed a
band who could raise their eyebrows and smirk at it
all without ever being condescending"
-Jason Ankeny (

The Monochrome Set had its origins in 1979 post-punk
England yet unlike many bands of that era (Joy
Division, PiL, Gang of Four, etc.), they sounded much
cleaner and pop-oriented. Their lyrical approach
however contrasted elegantly against their upbeat,
melodic music. That's not to say the musical backdrop
was merely wallpaper. Their songs were uniquely
constructed and executed and their sardonic lyrics
crystallized them as one of the more subversive pop
groups influencing bands such as the Smiths and Pulp.

Tonight, we'll spin 2 hours of the Monochrome Set as well as solo and side projects by Bid, Lester Square, The Invisible, Scarlet's Well , the Would-Be-Goods, etc...

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