Thursday, May 29, 2008


Ahhhh yes, the hipsters will turn their noses up, the
punks will run for the hills and those left behind
will be subjected to 2 hours of PROGRESSIVE ROCK!

As with all of our 'genre tributes', what is prog and
what is not prog will be left up to us.........Prog
Rock is a fairly maligned category due to its long
history of taking rock to 'bloated excesses' and
having the rock element obscured by mathematically
inclined, show off-y musicians. So be it. However, at
its best, Prog Rock (with a little help of its more
accepted cousin, Psychedelic Rock) pushed past the
guitar/bass/drums line-up doing the
verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/ chorus out formula
that had ruled the preceding 5 years or so.
Adventurous song arrangements as well as the
incorporation of non-traditional 'rock' instruments
are now commonplace in various forms of popular music

That being said, tonight we'll get down with the
sounds of such prog legends as King Crimson, Van Der
Graaf Generator and Genesis as well as lesser known
bands such as Sensation's Fix, Slapp Happy and Spring.

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