Thursday, May 29, 2008

05.06.08: DAVID BOWIE

"The cliché about David Bowie says he's a musical
chameleon, adapting himself according to fashion and
trends. While such a criticism is too glib, there's no
denying that Bowie demonstrated remarkable skill for
perceiving musical trends at his peak in the '70s.
After spending several years in the late '60s as a mod
and as an all-around music-hall entertainer, Bowie
reinvented himself as a hippie singer/songwriter.
Prior to his breakthrough in 1972, he recorded a
proto-metal record and a pop/rock album, eventually
redefining glam rock with his ambiguously sexy Ziggy
Stardust persona. Ziggy made Bowie an international
star....." (Stephen Thomas Erlewine -

From Ziggy onwards through the '70s into the present,
Bowie has shapeshifted through unique and bizarre
interpretations of Philly Soul, German art-rock, '80s
pop and mutant techno The result is a sound that his
uniquely his and has influenced MANY artists
throughout the years.

Tonight, we will try to cram as much Bowie into 2
hours as we can. You'll hear a range of classics,
early singles and collaborations from across the Bowie

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