Thursday, May 29, 2008

04.08.08: YOKO ONO

Few women in the history of rock & roll have stirred as much controversy as Yoko Ono. Ono's own work as an artist and musician didn't mitigate the public's enmity toward her; to the average man on the street, her avant-garde conceptual art seemed bizarre and ridiculous, and her highly experimental rock & roll (which often spotlighted her primal, caterwauling vocals) was simply too abrasive to tolerate. That view wasn't necessarily universal (or true), and in fact the merits of her work are still hotly debated. Regardless of individual opinion, Ono has left a lasting legacy; she was an undeniably seminal figure in the history of performance art, and elements of her music prefigured the arty sides of punk and new wave (whether she was a direct influence is still debated, although the B-52's did admit to drawing from her early records). Moreover, between Lennon's assassination and the myriad drubbings she's taken in the press and the court of public opinion, an alternate portrait of Ono as a strong, uncompromising survivor has emerged in more recent years. (All Music -Steve Huey)

Tonight we celebrate the amazing music of Yoko Ono. Through her avant garde and experimental rock n' roll, down to her gorgeous beautiful ballads, you will be listening to 2 hours worth of magic!
Non-believers need not apply. We don't want you anyway!!!

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