Thursday, May 29, 2008

08.07.07: Guest STEPHEN HOLMAN

Tonight's show will feature multi-faceted artist,
cheese hurler and all-around creative alchemist
Stephen his own words:

"I'm an animation director, performance artist,
painter and writer, born in Hastings, England but now
dividing my time between San Francisco and Los
Angeles. I work together with my wife Josephine Huang
creating, writing, designing and directing TV shows
via our TV production company (W)Holesome Products
Inc. Over the last ten years, shows we've made have
included "Life with Loopy" for Nickelodeon, "Phantom
Investigators" for Kids!WB and "Dudley & Nestor Do
Nothing" for the Disney Channel.
In the 1980s and '90s I ran the Splattervillian
performance art troupes Theater Carnivale, Torture
Chorus and Poo Poo Bomb and performed in art spaces,
clubs and rock venues around the US, Europe and Japan.
These days I perform mainly solo shows and continue to
produce and exhibit my performance-related paintings".

For two hours, Stephen will be spinning music that has
both influenced him throughout the years and music
from his various cohorts and performances.

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