Thursday, May 29, 2008

10.23.07: SONIC YOUTH

"Sonic Youth was one of the most unlikely success
stories of underground American rock in the
'80s......they began their career by abandoning any
pretense of traditional rock & roll conventions.
Borrowing heavily from the free-form noise
experimentalism of the Velvet Underground and the
Stooges, and melding it with a performance art
aesthetic borrowed from the New York post-punk
avant-garde, Sonic Youth redefined what noise meant
within rock & roll. Sonic Youth rarely rocked, though
they were inspired directly by hardcore punk,
post-punk, and no wave. Instead, their dissonance,
feedback, and alternate tunings created a new sonic
landscape, one that redefined what rock guitar could
-Stephen Thomas Erlewine (

Tonight we'll pay tribute to a great band that has
survived and thrived for over 25 years without
compromising their auditory adventures.
We'll hit some 'hits', personal faves and an array of
rarities and solo projects.

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